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National Theater of Costa Rica

Sergio Herra is a criminal attorney in Costa Rica

He have extensive experience in criminal litigation, appeal litigation and Supreme Court litigation


He have experience defending foreigns in Costa Rica.  

We have successfully defended foreigners for various crimes: homicide, manslaughter, fraud, corruption, white collar crimes, and during extradition procedures.

We have successfully represent foreigners as victims (private criminal accusation and civil action) in criminal procedures. 


Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

We specialize in criminal defense litigation, of people accused or investigated for crimes. We have extensive experience in litigation during all phases of the process. I mean

We provide the best criminal defense thanks to a high specialization in the matter, our international experience and high commitment to each of our clients. We exercise an active defense from the beginning of the process.

We have extensive experience defending detained foreigners. Coordinating criminal defense with embassies.

We have successfully defended foreigners for various crimes: homicide, manslaughter, fraud and corruption. 

Victims representation

We represent individuals and companies that have been victims of crime. We file complaints, private accusations and civil actions. We actively represent victims throughout the process, guaranteeing their interests.

We have successfully represented twenty million dollar fraud victims

Anti Money Laundering (AML)

Prevention of the Money Laundering by detecting the areas and operations of risk and developing compliance programs with the latest recommendations of the authorities and the FATF.

Anticorruption Compliance & Internal Investigations

Herra has international experience in preventive counseling as Sergio has advised leading companies in Spain in the development and implementation of anti-corruption compliance programs and in conducting internal investigations. Sergio also has extensive training in the subject of compliance since he completed and completed the Specialization Postgraduate Expert in Criminal Compliance by the University of Barcelona, ​​Spain and the Advanced Anti-Corruption course, Prevention of Corruption, of the United Nations Office against Drug and Crime, based in Vienna, Austria. We have deeply knowledge of the application of the FCPA, UK Bribery Act, Spain II and other anticorruption legislations. 

Human rights


We advise companies in respect of Human Rights especially when implementing new projects. We also guide companies to comply with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We can represent individuals before the Inter-American System for the Protection of Human Rights (American Commission on Human Rights and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights).

Sports Law

Disciplinary procedures, representation of athletes, advice on the organization of sporting events (risk management), advice on sports management and sponsorship contracts.

We do our job seriously and provide the best criminal defense; backed by our international experience and extensive academic training. "

Sergio Herra

Áreas De Practica




Seriousness, honesty, order, perseverance, planning, responsibility, reliability and high ethical standards. Professional skills: international experience in highly complex cases of economic crime, high academic preparation in the best universities in Spain, USA (U Penn Law) and Germany. Constant training, innovation, vocation for customer service, corporate social responsibility, commitment to our customers, professional ethics, teamwork, continuous improvement and seriousness. We do not defend causes on organized crime or terrorism.

What sets us apart from the rest?


  • Innovation in the exercise of criminal law, through an in-depth study of each criminal case that allows us to establish the most appropriate defense strategy according to our international experience and academic preparation.

  • Vocation to improve the quality of private professional criminal practice, focused on customer service, understanding their needs and solving problems in the best way.

  • Tendency to prevent crime through our anti-corruption compliance practice, or to contain it through our advice in times of crisis.

  • High specialization and international experience. Our firm specializes exclusively in Criminal Law and Compliance, seeking cooperation with other colleagues and law firms in other areas of law when cases require it.

  • We are members of the Worth Street Group international alliance, a select group of lawyers specializing in economic criminal law and compliance, and characterized by high academic preparation.

Although many firms think of providing "all in one" services, meaning that a legal firm attends all areas of law, we are convinced that criminal law and compliance services must be separated and given by specialized firms only in those areas. areas.

Nuestra Vision
International Alliance

We are the only Central American members of the recognized and select alliance Worth Street Group, specilized in White Collar Crimes and Compliance and composed of professionals with extensive academic preparation and international experience.



Sergio Herra

Tel: +506 8345-2414


Sergio Herra specializes in criminal litigation, where he has extensive experience representing individuals and companies in all phases of the process.

Sergio is one of the few specialists in Central America in the field of anti-corruption compliance and in the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act). On the academic,  Sergio is professor of the Master in Prevention and detection of Money Laundering and Financial of the United Nations University (Peace University), were he teaches Prevention and Investigation of the Corporate Fraud.


Sergio was a Visiting Scholar at U Penn Law School, Philadelphia, United States of America, and Visiting Scholar at the Max Planck Institute für Ausländisches und internationales Strafrecht (Max Planck Institute for International Criminal Law and foreigner), in Freiburg, Germany; the most prestigious criminal law research institution in the world.




Sergio has a solid academic background in Spain. It also participates constantly in legal refresher courses both in Costa Rica and abroad (Spain, the United States, Germany, Austria, Holland and Panama). It also has publications in academic journals abroad.


PhD Candidate in Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences, University of Barcelona, ​​Spain. Thesis on the criminal liability of legal persons and compliance models in professional sports entities. An analysis of corruption in the sports field.


Master's Degreein Advanced Legal Studies Specialty in Criminal Law (LLM), Universitat de Barcelona, ​​Spain. Thesis on the crime of fraud in Costa Rica and Spain.


Master`s Degree in Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences (M.A), University of Barcelona, ​​Spain.


Postgraduate specialization degree in Criminal Compliance (anticorruption), Universitat de Barcelona, ​​Spain.

- Postgraduate specialization degree in Economic Criminal Law (White Collar Crimes), Universidad Castilla - La Mancha, Toledo, Spain. 


Advanced Degree on Criminal and Civil Liability of Medical Personnel, Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain.


- Law Degree (JD). San Jose Costa Rica.


- Equivalence of the Degree in Law at the academic level of the Degree in the branch of knowledge of Social and Legal Sciences in the specific field of Legal Sciences, granted by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain.



Sergio Herra has national and international experience in important law firms dedicated exclusively to Criminal Law and Compliance. This has allowed him to be part of important defense teams in the largest criminal cases in Costa Rica and Spain, in cases related especially to economic crimes, tax and macro causes of corruption.

Previously, Sergio carried out his professional practice in a top-level law firm both in Spain and in Costa Rica:

- Law Firm González Franco - Roxin Abogados Penalistas, Barcelona Spain.

- Law Firm Guerrero Abogados Penalistas,Barcelona Spain.

- Law Firm Lex Penal Abogados Penalistas, San José, Costa Rica.

- Research Fellow at UNESCO ULASALLE-CEDE.

- Inter-American Court of Human Rights


Foreign conferences  


- "Economic crimes and compliance in the sport field" University of Pensilvania Law School (UPennLaw), Philadelphia, United States of America, 2018.

- "The American Way of conducting internal Investigations"  Max Planck Institute for Internacional and Foreign Criminal Law, Freiburg Germany, 2018.



  • Opinion article: “La prohibición de extradición de costarricenses”. (Prohibition of extradition of Costa Ricans) Firma Magazine, number 11, edition 11, February 2017. San José, Costa Rica

HERRA RODRÍGUEZ, SERGIO. (2016). “El delito de estafa en Costa Rica y España, análisis compartido para una reforma”. (the crime of fraud in Costa Rica and Spain) Master Thesis. Universitat de Barcelona, España. 

  • GONZÁLEZ, L. HERRA, S. MORA, A. PADILLA, J. (2014). “El acceso a la Educación de personas privadas de libertad”. (access to education of the detainees) Investigation Department Universidad De La Salle, Magazine RedPensar,  San José, Costa Rica.

  • HERRA RODRÍGUEZ, SERGIO. (2014). “La Ilegalidad de los Tribunales de Flagrancia”. (illegality of flagrance tribunals) Licentiate thesis. Facultad de Derecho, Universidad De La Salle, San José, Costa Rica. 


HERRA Derecho Penal & Compliance

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Sergio Herra

San José, Costa Rica.


Tel: +506 83452414

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